Monday, 21 May 2012

Quickie Update on List of Movies

Just a quick update that my list can now be viewed on I am still in the process of going through this list to delete those I do not have in my collection and to add those not on this list. Those movies I had already verified that I can make available for sharing are with AFS values in the movies description footnotes.

What are AFS values you may be wondering. Approximate File Size (ie. AFS) indicate the approximate size of the video file for that particular movie I currently have. Generally audio and video quality of video files is better for higher AFS values. That is a movie with AFS 4.0 may be a .mkv file format whereas AFS 0.5 will be a .avi or .mpeg file format with lower resolution.

Next question you may have in mind is how you can get hold of a copy for personal viewing. Reason why I need to stress personal viewing is because unfortunately we are still surrounded by a large segment of our society that are prosecuting the LGBT community and sexual freedom in general and thus will be easily offended. This is the main purpose of my blog, to reach out and offer information and entertainment to our community. Still trying to figure the best way we can share information and I guess it depends on case by case. So drop me an email and have a chat. So until my next blog, will leave you again with a few of my favourite images. Have a very wonderful day!

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